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The Story of Cherries from Gilgit-Baltistan Reaching Your Doorsteps

Cherries of the Gilgit Baltistan region are the best and juiciest ones. The season lasts from June till mid of July, a very small span but it’s worth teasing taste buds with these farm-fresh and juicy cherries. Due to its short production period and availability for only forty-five days a year, it will be good to store some in your refrigerator for later using them for Cherry Milkshakes or even homemade ice creams.

How to Choose Fresh Cherries and Store them?

A farm-fresh cherry will be red or darker red in color depending on its type. It will not have brownish stains; its skin should be fresh and shiny. Vibrant color is one main indicator of cherry’s freshness.  It’s better not to wash cherries until you are ready to consume them.

Storing in a cold place is the key to ensure cherries' freshness. They are very perishable and if not kept refrigerated will lose their quality very quickly. Cherries can be easily refrigerated for later consumption in zip-lock packs or air-tight containers. Also, before packing, remove air from the bags or container.
Wash Hands Before Handling Cherries.

First, keep them in a cold place like your refrigerator, and wash cherries in cold water only when you want to consume them. Cherries refrigeration is recommended at 2 to 5 degrees centigrade. Secondly, make sure hot water is not used for washing as it will ruin its taste and freshness as it’s a very delegate fruit and needs special care in handling them. A little hand holding is enough to puncture them.

How do the Greenway Fresh Farm Juiciest Cherries Reach You?

They are plucked daily from trees and shipped to Islamabad at our farm where grading and quality assurance takes place. We only chose the best, ripe, and healthy cherry to be put in your basket. That’s the reason our cherries are famous in the market and attract a huge demand during the season. We send out our packaged Red Farm Fresh Cherries in two sizes i.e., 1 Kg Basket and 2 Kg Basket

Just for Father’s Day, we are introducing this special offer of a 2 Kg basket that you can gift your dad on this coming up Father’s Day. We are certain that he will not only like them but also ask you to have him more of them! But don’t worry, we have you covered, you can ORDER again! 😉

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