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Royal Organic Sidr Honey Production in Pakistan and its Amazing Health Benefits

Greenway Farm’s Trademarked Royal Sider Honey, GoldyHoney™ is the most demanding and world’s high-rated mono-floral honey due to its specific taste and numerous health benefits as natural medicine. Originated in Karak and suburbs of Sargodha in Pakistan, the valleys of Sidr trees.

Bees suck nectar from Sidr (Beri tree) flowers to make the delicious Royal Gold Sidr Honey. Medically it is considered a natural antioxidant and anti-bacterial. The export quality royal organic Sidr Honey is slightly costly as compared to the processed or treated varieties that have been heated up and easily accessible. It has surprising effects on the human body and is rightly known as a natural cure-all. Let us have a look into a few of its amazing health benefits.

Key Health Benefits of Organic Royal Sidr Honey

For sinus congestion & respiratory issues, there is scientific evidence to prove it an impressive curing agent. It helps to fight away infections & allergies to make us breathe easily.

  • Dosage: For its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, daily use of 1 teaspoon of Greenway Farm’s Organic Royal Sidr Honey in warm water to soothe your asthma, dry cough, tonsillitis, and viral sore throat.
  • It will also give relief from a wet cough, cold, and flu when taken after mixing in cinnamon & black pepper powder twice a day.
  • Research shows that this Organic Royal Sidr Honey, because of its high carbohydrates and calories, has adverse impacts to gain power and to tackle the problems like low libido and impotence.
  • Similarly, it is most effective for menopause treatment, reproductive health, menstrual cycle regulation, and hormonal therapy as well.
  • Propolis, a segment in Beri Honey, suppresses the actions of free radicals and promotes the synthesis of collagen, beneficial for burn and wound mending.
  • The capacity of propolis to promote injury healing is proven compelling for diabetic foot ulcers and particular kinds of acne and skin inflammation.

How We Produce and Store Organic Royal Sidr honey

All the honey we provide is raw & cold extracted. It means that we don’t process, heat up, or pasteurize our honey so that its healthful ingredients and good enzymes may not lose. Forest Honey is 100% natural, pure, and free of any preservatives/additives, and thus organic. It is carefully packed in hygienic jars afterward.

Each time your order our Organic Royal Sidr Honey, it is packed fresh and then shipped to your address to give you a top grade and rich in quality Sidr Honey with maximum nutrition value.

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