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Greenway Farms Cherries

Cherries aren’t just red, sweet, juicily tasty, and drop-dead tempting to look at; their beauty is more than just skin deep. These tiny drupe summer fruits are packed with health and nutrition benefits — with less than 100 calories and half a gram of fat per serving which wins them the approval of health freaks. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, nutrients, water, and fiber. They may help against chronic painful conditions such as gout arthritis, muscle complications, and sports injuries. Number one choice of Dieticians if you’re looking to drop a few pounds.

Cherry season time is a fruit lover’s dream come true. Not only do mangoes (the king of fruits) hold court on every fruit stand, beautiful, deep scarlet cherries do so too.

Enjoyed since time immemorial by the Romans, Greeks, and Chinese alike, today, entire festivals are celebrated in July, in Pakistan around this fruit. In Pakistan, cherry trees are cultivated in the Northern areas, with the best of the cherries coming from Gilgit-Baltistan where Greenway Farms have cherry orchards. Those orchards grow sweet cherries bigger in size than is usually available in the market.

Most of your earliest memories of cherries are off when you were a kid and had gone on vacation. So, this summer, be sure to make the most of your brief guest appearance of cherries on fruit stands because you’ll have to wait for an entire long year to do so again.

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